Game Industry Global and Indonesia, Opportunity and Challenges, Cooperation between Universitas Gunadarma and Good Game Campus

Good Game (GG) Campus is one of the educational institutions which is develop human resources for Games industry and Mobile Apps, Good Game (GG) has formed an integrated curriculum that is oriented to the development of character, creativity, and ability of learners. Network (partner) of GG Campus consists of gaming industry (Games Company, Game Publisher, Game Media) from Indonesia and Korea. GG invites Universitas Gunadarma for collaboration between educational institutions Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

The seminar was held on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 at 08.30 s / d 13.00 at Campus Auditorium D46, Gunadarma University, Jl. Margonda raya No: 100, Depok. Participants who have been involved in this seminar amounted to 300 students and 50 lecturers from Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Systems, Information Management, Computer Engineering.

Seminar Global Game Industry and Indonesia, Opportunities and Challenges divided into 2 sessions. The first session starts at 09:30 to 11:00, Seminar was opened by moderator from universitas Gunadarma , Dr. Tb. Maulana Kusuma. Many demos presented by UG Team IBC. Andreas Hadiyono as the team leader of UG-IBC gives a brief description about the development of the current game as an example Angry Bird and Point Blank. He explains how this simple game can become popular with many users download even they are willing to pay for the game. From the animation team that represents his presentation with a video explaining about motion capture is presented by Arum Tri Iswari Purwanti. Then the next UG-IBC team, Arbi Pramana and Mara Nugraha, make the game using a blender that is connected to the Arduino. Matrissya Hermita and Faith Hilmawan present game using BCI (Brain Computer Interface). Last of UG-IBC Team, Risky Wijaya, present logic game associated with magic science.

The second speaker, Wong Lok Dien, CEO Altermyth, present "The Rise of Gaming". Game Industry Competition that earning billions or trillions monthly, most of it from game online. Achievement Globally facilitate to access game platform that has been created. Stage of making a good game , which is a Bunch of references, Free and Easy to Use Tools, Monetize and Open Market. From all the stages, he warned that the most important is the stages from ourself such as concept, execution, access to the market, marketing or promotion, and service and operations.

In the second session, Kyoung Hwan Kim, professor from Good Game Campus giving a seminar "Unity 3D Game Engine". The material provided is the Briefs on unity and difference from others 3D Game Engine, Korea Game Education Conditions, Student Opportunity for Learning Game Development.

The last speaker on the second session is Stephen Cho (CEO Hunga Games) presents " Mobile Game Market Smart Trends and Success Stories ". He came with Indonesian translator because he present the material using the Korean language. He describes the development of mobile games for next 5 years.

Seminar Global Game Industry and Indonesia, Opportunities and Challenges, is expected to be able to improve the quality and competition in the field of gaming, the participants get more information about game industry, and we expect game industry growing significantly to all students in Universitas Gunadarma and have good cooperation between Univeristas Gunadarma with industry.