Seminar Information Security Community and Security Night

Pervasive information technology today have a major impact on the wider community, in addition to the advantage also poses problems in its application. Internet was originally used for the purpose of exchanging information, information exchange has become a giant network which interconnects various networks. At this time business activities, public and administration rely on information technology what it uses.

One of the effects is the emergence of a security incident, security incident is the result of digital threat to a system. A good Management of Information and Communication Technology will encourage good governance. Information security factor is a very important aspect, considering the governance performance will be disrupted if the information as the main objects of Information, Communications and Technology have problems concerning confidentiality of information security, integrity and availability.

One of the important stages to maintain the security of information systems is the audit activity. Audit security information is a tool or device to determine, obtain, and manage any level of security within an organization. Security is a process that has many components, for systems that require good security, then the behavior of users, including language and symbols used in the GUI should be considered.

This activity has the goal to give the education to user about aspect and risk of security system, to inform the technique and the steps that need to be done therefore users can use Information, Communications and Technology securely, to trigger the research in the security field in Universitas Gunadarma. The advantage which can be obtained from this activity such as enhancing the role of Universitas Gunadarma in the formation of human resources for the security field, raising awareness of security, especially in the application like banking, politics, etc, to trigger research collaboration with community and industry, encourage the establishment of mechanisms of professionalism, competence and certification in security field which is driven by the offender in Indonesia.

Topic of the talks including security in general, the impact with the challenges, penetration with the relation to ensure the security system, forensic and the digital prove handling, certification and competence in security field. The speakers for this activity are Gildas D. from Xecure-IT, Ruby Alamsyah the expert of Computer Forensic from the Alumni of Universitas Gunadarma, Fransiskus Andi Indromojo the Technical Consultant Symantec, Eriek Nur Fadli the IT Security Head from Smartfren Telecom and the moderator Dr. rer. nat I Made Wiryana. This event was held in two places in Auditorium Univeritas Gunadarma Depok and Campus H in Depok on 26 March 2013. 225 participants came to the seminar and for the security night event, the community of Information Security from all over Indonesia gathered in order to plan the formation of ID FIRST (Indonesia Forensic Information Security Team) and list of point for accident response. It is aimed to make it easier if there is complaint case related to security.