E-Shop Website Design Training for Entrepreneur

The impact of the growth of Entrepreneurs field in Indonesia not only for the entrepreneur welfare but also it has impact for the increasing of economic stability in Indonesia. We expected that the Entrepreneurship can create new jobs so that the number of unemployment in Indonesia can be decreased.

Nowadays, the fast growth of social media and website can support the e-commerce, especially for website because website can provide all the good content and information source. This training was purposely made for the Entrepreneur and the new Entrepreneur to give them more knowledge especially in IT field and to create the Entrepreneurs to have the creative idea and to compete sportively. The aims that we want to achieve are we hope that this training can be an effective communication media to introduce companies, new product, to get order and of course website will become the major actor for spreading and expanding the network organization as an opportunity for realizing the collaboration in term of increasing the information and communication network.

Content Management System (CMS) is software to establish, edit, and modify the content also for maintaining the site. Joomla, Wordpress, and Opencart are the examples of CMS, the three software were given for this training. The advantage that can be obtained from this training such as to give the Entrepreneur more knowledge to support their own business, to create the Entrepreneur that can have the creative idea and can compete sportively, and to introduce the web design to people.

This training was held on 17-21 June 2013 at 08.00-17.00 in Universitas Gunadarma, Depok with the Entrepreneur and new Entrepreneur participants.