Entrepreneur Character Building for Information and Communication Technology Product

The growth development of information technology and also the high demand for information technology in everyday life. That makes the IT industry in Indonesia currently becomes one of the good business opportunities. Thus, that should be supported and followed by the good and high quality of human resources.

To support the improvement of human resources in the field of IT professionals, Universitas Gunadarma supported by the Ministry of Industry Republic Indonesia has worked together, one of them by building Incubator Business Center (IBC) as one of the media to facilitate education and training for prospective entrepreneurs. Besides that, Universitas Gunadarma has the program that also support the IT human resources called Fast Track program.

One of the programs that are running in the Business Incubator Center is Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a program designed with appropriate materials and practical approaches for prospective entrepreneurs in preparation to be a professional entrepreneur in the field. Through bootcamp program the students will get the material and direct training, the given training is expected to provide a complete framework to build competent professionals with the aim of creating a quality IT Industry.

The purpose of this training is to provide materials and practices to students in order to be entrepreneur in the field of information technology. The training was held from 11-12 October 2013 and 16-18 October 2013 at 09.00-16.30 in Universitas Gunadarma, Depok.

This training was followed by 20 participants with the instructors who already have experienced in this field such as Willy Andrianto, ST., MMSI, Fitrian H. Siburian, ST., Msc , Ernianti Hasibuan, Andreas Hadiyono, ST., MMSI, Dr. rer. nat. I Made Wiryana, Merli, Marni dan Nesta, Dr. R. Supriyanto, Sutresna Wati , ST., MMSI.