Internship Program 2014

In June 4th_7th 2014 Universitas Gunadarma along with their industrial partners such as Kemkominfo, PT. Pacific Satelit Nusantara, Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII), and PT. Topgrowth Futures organized a preparation camp or also known as bootcamp. The bootcamp itself is conducted to equip the students with additional knowledge, before they enter their internship program in our partners. The internship is addressed for the students of Diplome Degree majoring the Computer Engineering and Information Management. The occasion includes the common knowledge, additional knowledge for the internship (depending on the requirement of the partners joined the program), general work ethics and working practices. This activity is held on 3 consecutive days taken place in Campus D Universitas Gunadarma. On the last day of bootcamp, we invite the representatives of each partner companies which join this program. We facilitate the companies to do direct interview with the candidates to assess the personality of each candidates. After the interview, we also give the candidates the final test to assess the absorption of the knowledge given.