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Trinata Technology is a leading provider of services, products and training applications working in the field of information technology. We are established on December 3, 2013 with tagline "Learn Do Improve " which means that we always trying to provide the best service to the client with technological developments continue to learn and perform a variety of improvised work to produce products that can compete in the growing information technology industry today.

The tagline used shall have the meanings respectively. "Learn" Always learn the latest technologies that are being developed at this time appropriate. "Do" Generate a wide range of products and services in the IT field aligned with the use of the technology required client and industry. with industry needs. "Improve" Always innovate and develop technologies that are already owned at this time to achieve maximum results in providing services in the field of IT

Until now there are many different types of products and training that have been implemented based on trust, among others:

SIMBADA (Regional Item Management Information System), a web-based application program used to make the process of sectoral asset management (management of open source.

Robotics, Designing and modifying a mobile robot using the Arduino micro controller, face recognition, servo motors, and voice PIR sensor to produce a robot that is able to work according to the instructions given owner, recognize and grasp objects and be able to speak according to the conditions.

Hardware Technology, Creating and designing a variety of automated tools for environmental purposes like household industries, vehicular traffic and so on. Using Arduino as controller technology combined with various kinds of sensors is communicated to devices using wireless networks such as wireless and bluetooth.


Ovan Sunarto Pulu (CEO)

Junaedi (COO)

Mara Nugraha (CTO)

Nur Fajriah (CFO)