Scholarship Portal for The Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation

The Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation (BKLN) has a scholarship named Beasiswa Unggulan. The scholarship is addressed for excellent students from all over Indonersia. This scholarship aims to improve the capability and competence of Indonesian human resources that support the accelerated development of the Republic of Indonesia. This scholarship program is a virtue in increased learning, achievement and potential participants developed field of study in college organizers. Target of Scholarship are:

  • International Olympic medalist;

  • The regional champion, national, and international of science, technology, art and culture, and sports;

  • Teachers achievers in various fields;

  • Civil servants / private employees who achieved and obtained approval and proposed by his superiors.

  • Individual achievement proposed and approved by an institution.

In order to achieve this goal, in 2010, the team of UG-IBC help BPKLN to developed a website for the Scholarship of the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation (BKLN) Ministry of Education and Culture.