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Information security factor is a very important aspect, considering the governance performance will be disrupted if the information as the main objects of Information, Communications and Technology have problems concerning confidentiality of information security, integrity and availability.


Training Android aims to develop mobile application based on android and focus to develop a product


One of the programs that are running in the Business Incubator Center is Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a program designed with appropriate materials and practical approaches for prospective entrepreneurs in preparation to be a professional entrepreneur in the field, especially in the IT field. Through bootcamp program the students will get the material and direct training, the given training is expected to provide a complete framework to build competent professionals with the aim of creating a quality IT Industry.


The internship is addressed for the students of Diplome Degree majoring the Computer Engineering and Information Management. The occasion includes the common knowledge, additional knowledge for the internship (depending on the requirement of the partners joined the program)


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